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The safety and health of our patients and staff is paramount. In an effort to assist our patients with hand injuries during this trying time, we are now offering telemedicine visits for our patients.


How do I schedule?

Call our office at 212-920-4106 and ask to schedule a telemedicine appointment. Additionally, you can submit and appointment request and select the location “Telehealth”. If you are unsure please submit an appointment to either our physical or virtual location and our staff will follow up to detemine the best course of action.


What platform do you use?

We use Doxy.me for our telemedicine appointments.


Do I need computer?

No, you will only need access to your phone with video and audio capability.


How does it work?

Once you have scheduled your appointment, we will send you a digital consent form. Once your consent for is signed, you will receive an email or text link to your secure telemedicine visit.

When it is time for your appointment, you will click on the link for your visit. The application will ask you to enter your name to check in. Your phone or computer will ask your permission to use the camera and microphone. Please accept.

The appointment will be live video with Dr. Nance.


What can you do for me via video?

Dr. Nance will come up with a suspected diagnosis based on your history, your current symptoms and any images that you share. If you do not have a current x-ray, Dr. Nance will have you come in for an x-ray to evaluate and discuss findings.

Dr. Nance may recommend certain medications to help with your symptoms or a brace for stabilization. If Dr. Nance determines your condition is urgent, she may recommend emergency surgery.

We hope we can ease your concerns and help you get through this difficult time.

For home visits between Manhattan and East Hampton, don't hesitate.
We want to help you feel at ease.