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Squash Wrist Pain

What Is Squash Wrist Pain?

Squash players can develop overuse injuries involving the tendons of the wrist or elbow or injuries involving too much torque on the ulnar side of the wrist. Some of the most common injuries include Wrist Tendonitis, Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain, and TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) Injury.

What Are The Causes Of Squash Wrist Pain​?

The repetitive swinging and hitting associated with racket sports can cause wrist injuries over time, as can falls or improper swinging technique which causes the wrist to twist in an awkward manner.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Squash Wrist Pain​?

The most common signs and symptoms are pain, swelling, and tenderness in the wrist, as well as pain while gripping or swinging a racket.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Wrist Tendonitis?

The biggest risk factors include improper racket technique and overuse of the wrist caused by playing while fatigued.

How Is Squash Wrist Pain Diagnosed?

A detailed review of injury history, physical examination, and X-ray of the wrist area can typically determine the nature of the injury. An ultrasound or MRI may be necessary to detect soft tissue tears or inflammation.

What Are The Possible Treatments For Squash Wrist Pain?

Many wrist pain conditions caused by racket use can be addressed with rest, icing of the affected area, and anti-inflammatory medications. A wrist splint or brace can help reduce movement of the affected area. Some cases may call for cortisone injections or physical therapy. In cases where these measures are ineffective, surgical intervention may be necessary.

Are There Preventative Steps Or Measures To Avoid Squash Wrist Pain?

Using good hitting technique while playing racket sports can significantly reduce your risk of developing wrist injuries. It’s important not to push yourself too hard – rest if you begin to feel significantly fatigued.

What Are The Risks If Squash Wrist Pain Is Left Untreated?

Depending on the nature of the wrist injury, the soft tissue can continue to degrade or cause serious pain with normal everyday activities.

Are There Other Related Conditions To Squash Wrist Pain?

Tennis Elbow is another common repetitive stress injury which results from overuse or poor racket technique.

Key Takeaways About Squash Wrist Pain

Repetitive stress associated with squash and other racket sports can cause a number of wrist injuries. If you are experiencing pain, tenderness, or swelling in your wrist following a squash-related injury, you should get an early assessment from a hand surgeon to rule out serious injury. Regular rest and improved racket technique can reduce your risk of developing squash injuries. Conservative treatments are generally preferred, but surgery may be necessary depending on the type and severity of the injury

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