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Emergency At Home Visits

If you have a medical emergency, where bleeding cannot be controlled, please seek immediate medical attention and/or go to the Emergency Room.

In light of the COVID-19 situation and the healthcare infrastructure being overwhelmed Dr. Nance is helping people to avoid the Emergency Room and hospitals. She is able to potentially see patients directly in her office or able to do house calls.


Avoid Emergency Room Visits

Dr. Nance is a concierge hand surgeon and can accommodate patients trying to avoid the Emergency Room by treating them in her office or in their home if necessary. Dr. Nance is supporting at-home visits between Manhattan and East Hampton. If you need immediate treatment please call 646-838-6020.


Hand and Wrist Emergency Treatments

Some common trauma and emergency related conditions and injuries are:

  • Hand laceration
  • Finger laceration
  • Cut finger
  • Finger infection

Please read more below and do not hesitate to reach out to our practice for your emergency hand and wrist needs.


Finger Laceration / Hand Laceration

A finger laceration (or finger cut) can be identified by a deep, usually painful and bleeding, cut, puncture, or gash in the finger. Depending on the severity of the injury and damage to nerves and tendons, there may be other symptoms, including numbness or tingling in the affected area and reduced or lost mobility in the finger. If the cut finger is deep enough or affects nerves and tendons, then it must be properly attended to by a hand specialist to determine the extent of the damage and repair it properly.


Finger Infection / Hand Infection

An infection of the finger or hand can be identified by an area of inflammation, redness, warm to the touch, and could be painful to use and/or put pressure on it. If not treated, the infection could migrate, and in severe cases, move to the bloodstream. Infection can be treated in several ways, including administering topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, lancing and drainage of the infected area, and in severe blood infection, admittance to the hospital for treatment. If you suspect you have finger infection or hand infection, it’s best to seek medical attention to determine the extent of your infection and treat it properly.


If you have a cut or infection of the hand or finger, please don’t hesitate to give Dr. Nance a call to evaluate: (646) 838-6020

For home visits between Manhattan and East Hampton, don't hesitate.
We want to help you feel at ease.